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The Battle of Allanteen was an early battle of the Jedi Civil War, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and Darth Revan's Sith Empire. Following the sacking of Foerost, new battlefronts opened up across the galaxy because of the advancing Sith Empire. The Sith advanced on Roche and Axxila then invaded and conquered the Allanteen system, including Allanteen Six. At the highest extent of the Sith Empire, Allanteen remained under Imperial control as part of an isolated area of Sith space. It was used as a launching point for the Sith attack on Rhommamool.[1]

Behind the scenes EditEdit

The Battle of Allanteen makes its only appearance in The Essential Atlas.[1] An exact date is not provided for the battle. The Battle of Foerost and the Bombing of Telos IV, however, are placed in 3,958 BBY by the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide,[2] and the Atlas lists Allanteen as having followed Foerost and subsequent attacks, but preceding Telos.[1]