SPACE, the final frontier. Are we alone, I think not I believe that there is other life in the vastness of the universe but

I do not believe that there are UFO vistiting us and monitering us to see how far we are advancing in life.

there are an infinent amount of universes in vastness of space
or whatever you call what is past our universe and the regions we know

In the bible civilizations tried to build a tower to heaven the problems with these is first of all there is a vacuum from space, its is extremely cold in space and just like in star wars the space tower that was made and was once was the 10 wonders of the galaxy the gravity of the Earth

would rip apart the entire thing, but in the end God made the constructers of the tower use different languges so they could'nt tell what to do to each other. the religons from around the world all come from the same bases like the greeks Zues was in a cave after he was born and Jesus was born in a cave. in the Indian religon there god went up in paradise, Jesus went into heaven by floating up. Some people believe that "ALIENS" took them away. I do not believe this !!