TIE crawlerEdit


  • Appeared in:
  • Size:
    6.7 meters long
  • Weapon:
    Two medium blaster cannons, light turbolaser cannon
  • Affiliation:
    Galactic Empire
  • Type:
    Compact assault vehicle
  • Manufacturer:
    Santhe/Sienar Technologies

From the Expanded UniverseEdit

An unlikely fusing of two vastly different vehicle types, the TIE crawler was a cheap, mass-produced ground combat vehicle that saw some popularity during the Imperial Civil War that left Coruscant in ruins prior to the Emperor's resurrection.The TIE crawler was the first new design to roll out of the newly liberated Santhe/Sienar Technologies in the uncertain times after the Battle of Endor. The independent-minded Santhe family, owners of Sienar Fleet Systems, had long bristled under the restrictive contracts of the Empire, and saw the opportunity of independence following the Empire's defeat. Santhe tried to remain neutral in the drawn out fighting between the shrinking Empire and the growing New Republic. They still produced TIE fighters for Imperial warlords, but did so on their terms.

In an attempt to break into new markets, the TIE crawler was conceived as a relatively inexpensive to produce and purchase compact assault vehicle (CAV). Its use of recycled componentry and designs helped cut costs and training time.

The TIE crawler -- or century tank, as it is officially known -- looks like a TIE fighter cockpit suspended between two massive tank treads. It can hold only a single person, who acts as pilot and gunner. Driving the tank treads at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour are twin Santhe SSct power generators. The pilot uses foot controls to adjust the angle of steering and speed, while the hand controls are tied into fire control systems.

The TIE crawler has a pair of medium blaster cannons in the familiar "chin" mounts found on most TIE cockpits. Suspended below the cockpit ball is a retractable light turbolaser that provides the tank with respectable firepower.

Many TIE crawlers saw action in the Imperial Civil War on Coruscant, as squabbling warlords sought to take control of the former Imperial capital. After the fighting in the skies finished and the would-be Imperial conquerors sought to hold the land, many used the inexpensive TIE crawlers in wasteful ground campaigns.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The TIE crawler first appeared in the Dark Empire comic series. It was not really seen in action, but was instead visible as a peculiar wreck amid the rubble of Coruscant. Roleplaying game designers at West End Games built a backstory and technical summary of the TIE tank in the accompanying Dark Empire Sourcebook.